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   GALLON FilmTec Corp, founded by ARAB COMPANY and SHANGHAI BA, is a high-tech enterprises focusing On reverse osmosis membrane research and development ,membrane equipment manufacturing &water treatment system design and construction engineering.

   ARAB Company, founded in 1981, carry out the water treatment business in more than 20 countries around the world with over 30 science laboratories and above 20000 employees. The research achievements in the field of water treatment technology and equipment are widely used in the aerospace industry, desalination, city waste water treatment, etc. By strengthening the cooperation with the world famous reverse osmosis membrane material supplier American GE (GE) ,Arab’s global business is stably developing. 

   GALLON introduced a full set of foreign advanced equipment and technology, setting up a standardized dust-free production workshop and strictly controlling the production process. In October,2015, Combining with the ARAB over years outstanding achievements in the film manufacturing technique ,Gallon science laboratory spent one year’s time finally created APN + Nano- filtration technology which met the needs of China's water quality after researching the different diaphragm material characteristics, production process at home&abroad and the water quality characteristics in China.The key technique, multi-page outer spiral reverse osmosis membrane technique has obtained the national invention patent and widely recognized by the international society. 

   Meanwhile, GALLON has launched household membrane pollution resistance, low pressure membrane and so on five big series reverse osmosis membrane element, greatly promoting the development of the industry and making outstanding contributions to practice the mission” the world will be more beautiful by the pure water”.

   At present ,GALLON membrane products has been widely used in household water purification, Campus straight drinking water ,Municipal drinking water ,boiler make-up water ,industrial ultrapure water, aerospace, electronic electroplating water ,medical chemical industry ,food &beverage, material enrichment, etc .Based on the stable and good raw material supplied by (GE) and the mature process technology equipment, GALLON membrane element has a long and stable performance, becoming a reliable cooperation partner of our customers deeply. 

   Pursuing of GALLON : make the conscience ,high quality and sustainable products, adhere to innovation, continue to create value for customers and strive to become customers trusted &loyal partner !

   MISSION: Insist on innovation, continue to create value for customers, Be the reliable partner of customers!

   VISION: The world will be more beautiful by the pure water!

   CORE VALUE: Sincerity and multi benefits, innovation and progress, Happy dedication

   PRODUCT CONCEPT: Do the conscience& high quality products


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