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Nov.2015,GALLON membrane science laboratory global initiated APN + Nano-filtration n technology and launched a household membrane pollution resistance, low pressure membrane …… five series of reverse osmosis membrane products on the basis of researching structure of different types of membrane and membrane production technology at home and abroad and combining with the characteristics of water quality in China and the important results of membrane technology research by ARAB.

Nov.2015, GALLON successfully developed a multi-page outer spiral reverse osmosis membrane element technology after many years research, filled the blank of the industry and obtained national invention patent and international recognition. 

Oct.2015,GALLON film become China's household reverse osmosis membrane standards, deputy head of the unit to participate in leading and developing the <household reverse osmosis membrane test method and standard> and a number of national standards.

July,2015, Chen Shunquan, researcher of Chinese academy of sciences became GALLON’S expert advisers of the membrane science research laboratory .

Feb.2015, reached a strategic cooperation with the Greek Alchimica Building Chemicals company and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Gallomembrane element export to Europe for the first time.

Oct.2014, Xue Guangbo, Chen, Chen hl, Zhang Canshan gradually become GALLON’S film expert advisers .

Sep.2014 ,GALLON established stable relations cooperation with the world famous supplier of membrane net American Star company (Del Star) .

Aug.2014,GALLON cooperated with the world's top glue manufacturing companies in the United States (H.B FULLER).

Aug.2014 ,GALLON established a long-term cooperation System and a stable membrane material procurement system respectively with the general group (GE).

July.2014, Arab reached consensus on the depth of cooperation with BA ,introduced a full set of production technology and professional equipment from USA, then Set up independent operating companies - SHENZHEN GALLON FILM TEC CORP., which is responsible for the reverse osmosis membrane element manufacturing and sales.

In 2012, reached a strategic cooperation with Finland Bacchus company and established more than 30 membrane science and research laboratory in the world. Develop more suitable for China's water treatment of the reverse osmosis membrane. 

In 2008, Strategic cooperated with Shanghai BA, starting the water treatment and water purification relevant business.element manufacturing technology and professional equipment .

In 2007, Arab began to carry out the water treatment business in China.

In 1990, Arab expand into desalination processing, gradually developing into one of the largest water treatment companies in the Middle East .

In 1981, Arab Company was founded in Kuwait, mainly engaged in municipal engineering sewage wastewater treatment and water purification related business. 


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