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Professor of medicine; disinfection and epidemiological experts; Hebei Handan, professor of medicine, disinfection and epidemiological experts enjoy special allowance. The current director of the Department of Epidemiology in Shanghai Second Military Medical University. China's famous scientist and epidemiologist disinfection. Disease prevention and founder of Science and  one of the founders of Disinfection.

Engaged in sterilized more than 30 years teaching and research, he has published more than 100 articles. Editor of the publication "Practical Disinfection" (Our Disinfection groundbreaking monograph), "viral hemorrhagic fever", "Army of Epidemiology", "Army of epidemiology", "antiseptic sterilization · disinfection · · preservation", "Modern disease prevention science "and many other books. He has been obtained more than 10 Science and technology awards, including the military scientific and technological progress first, second and third prize, national second prize . Become gallon film expert consultants in 2014.


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