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Based on a stable and good supply of raw materials (GE) and sophisticated process equipment process gallon membrane element having a long-term stable performance, a customer deeply trusted partner. Currently gallon film products have been widely used in home water purification, campus drinking water, municipal drinking water, boiler feed water, industrial ultra-pure water, aerospace industry, electronic plating water, medical chemicals, food and beverage, material concentration and other industries.

Reverse osmosis (RO) definition: A purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to reduce dissolved or suspended water contaminants.

  • 01Household

    ◆97% high desalination   ◆strong anti-pollution  ◆ 1.5 times long life

  • 02Large flux

    ◆Super Flux  ◆1:1 High Recovery  ◆Stable and Reliable Performance

  • 03Quick Connect

    ◆Easy to Install ◆Easy to replace◆Stable and Durable

  • 04Super film

    ◆Without electricity & pump& pressure barrel  ◆1:1 high recovery rate  ◆Greatly reduce the cost of the machine

  • 05Nanofiltration

    ◆Keep good minerals ◆Special softened water ◆Strong acid corrosion resistance

  • 06Nano-ro film

    ◆NANO RO membrane element adopt the BEST element, which is the most reliable and stable in the line


To protect the interests of every gallon of suppliers in the procurement management system, we adopted a creative way of filing periodic review. Suppliers have any questions you can comment in the audit by the General Manager of Direct Line. Gallon as supply-side, will always meet the needs of partners in the first place, uphold the integrity, quality and service commitment to adhere to, and strive to create value for customers, loyal customers become a trusted partner.


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