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Production director (annual salary of between 150,000 and 200,000)

Responsibility :

Involved in developing the company's development strategy and annual business plan, developed under the auspices adjusted annual production plan and budget;

Plan and guidance and production, plant management, raw material supply and quality-related work, the company completed the established objectives;

The organization and the supervision and regulation of the production process technology, quality, equipment, cost, yield indicators;

Keep abreast of the status of the process of production quality, coordinating communication and cooperation between various departments in a timely manner to solve production problems.

Job requirements:

Education and Training: Science and Engineering Bachelor degree or above; highly strategic management, management development, production and training in management, marketing, financial management and other aspects.

Work experience: take more than eight years of coordination experience in the same industry production management, at least 5 years of production management experience; familiar with the production process RO membrane products, familiar with the sources of supply of raw materials; familiar with production procedures and quality standards; have good production management philosophy , certain financial and legal knowledge


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