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Jiangxi Province JiAn Officials Visit Gallon Shenzhen Factory

AddTime:2017-7-25 17:06:17 Author:Emily Shen

On Tuesday , July 25, Gallon had the honor of welcoming Jiangxi Province JiAn officials  to our facility  in  Shenzhen .The visit included meetings with Jinquan Liu(The Manager of Gallon), who talked about their most important successes and achievements in the industry ,he further detailed the company's development status and future planning.

Since its inception in 2014, The company focus on reverse osmosis R&D and continuous improvement, create more value for users and the market. Gallon not only takes part in this area, but also is the standard-setting enterprise of ro membrane Industry in China.

Based on the company`s vision "Water makes world more beautiful " and product technology, quality and capacity guarantee, has been favored by the customers at home and abroad.

After this meeting, Mr. Xiao (The Governor of JiAn ) said ,he warmly welcome and support Gallon to set the new factory in Jiangxi.

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