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Gallon film: We only focus on the research and production of a film

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November 2015, gallons of membrane first developed multi page spiral reverse osmosis membrane technology, and the official launch of household anti pollution film, ultra low pressure membrane, large flux, quick connect various membrane, nanofiltration membrane five series reverse osmosis membrane components. As a national standard of the film industry, the film industry has accumulated rich successful experience on the road of advanced technology introduction and self innovation research.


一、The traditional way of reverse osmosis and its limitation

Single membrane bag reverse osmosis technology

The reverse osmosis membrane are core components of the water purifier, directly determines the filtering effect of water purifier. In order to save space and convenient installation and use, the traditional reverse osmosis membrane components are produced along the center pipe spirally wound by a single membrane bag, to form a cylindrical multilayer bag close layer constituted. The central water supply pipe is used as a water collecting pipe, and the multi-layer water of the membrane bag is collected to the central water supply pipe, and the water outlet of the water outlet pipe is finally provided with clean water. The water flow direction in a spiral form, its most major characteristic is: channel length, water flow resistance, slow flow of water and caused reverse osmosis membrane components of effective anti permeability reduction, resulting in yield decreases. Only one set of pipes and head out of water, it has limitations in practical application.

The existing reverse osmosis membrane component is very limited to the installation of pure water machine. Because of the existing reverse osmosis membrane components only a central tube as a fixed support and peripheral membrane bag around in the center around the tube, circle is not supported by the rallying point, therefore is not strong. When the external force of center tube, easy to form a conical membrane element, membrane bag and the bag will be between the friction, resulting in membrane damage, the desalting rate decreased, thus affecting the entire membrane life.

Spiral reverse osmosis technology in multi membrane bag

In addition, the reverse osmosis membrane component which is composed of a plurality of membrane bags is also appeared. The film bag reverse osmosis membrane components mainly include the center water collecting pipe and a plurality of membrane bag, center set side of the pipe with rows and each film bag corresponding to the water inlet, center set inside the pipe near one end is provided with a partition, the principle is the same as traditional single film bag similar, but worse a film bag for multiple membrane bag, reducing the length of single channel, and reduce the flow resistance, but still using the center pipe as the water collecting pipe, so there is still the traditional reverse osmosis membrane components of the inherent defects. Purified water after each film bag cloth guide flow to the center water collecting pipe, namely the surrounding to the center water collecting and pure water only from the center set one end of the water pipe is outflow, because many film bag purifying waters to a center pipe, resulting in net water flow resistance increases, slow down the flow rate, in the film bag pressure increases. Reverse osmosis membrane producing water by reverse osmosis membrane, membrane bag pressure increase, caused by the reverse osmosis pressure decreases, resulting in membrane components of the total water yield reduction, decreased utilization of the diaphragm, the impact of the service life of the entire film.

二、Development of multi - Page reverse osmosis technology

From the "lost" to "the history of film Ghost"

Refer to the multi page spiral reverse osmosis technology, we must first mention a person: the development of the film's chief engineer Luo Xiaoyong. Ronaldo is known as the industry's old Kelpie, 2003, Luo Xiaoyong began to enter the water purification industry, the domestic water purification enterprise is very little, the domestic water purification market limited in the use of film industry, and basically been monopolized by the Dow and other foreign brands. Household water purification industry is still in the wild times. At this time, Luo Xiaoyong and a group of visionary net Morphling has through the mist see China household water purifier market development potential, become the earliest engaged in water purification industry is the "layman", today, many circles said they "old" Kelpie.

In 2008, with the exposure of the area water pollution incident, the ordinary families began to pay attention to their own health drinking water, household water purification market gradually on the rise, net water enterprises have mushroomed in the country have set up, especially in Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang. When everyone in attention to the water purifier, Luo Xiaoyong is keen see water purifier behind the film market, began painstaking research at home and abroad all reverse osmosis membrane material and membrane components of the technological level and roll film technology. In this process, Luo Xiaoyong has won 5 national invention patents, and in 2013, by the Chinese cultural publishing house named China's 100 outstanding contribution figures. Luo Xiaoyong slowly completed the transformation from a veteran of the old "Kelpie" into the transformation process of film Ghost ".


The flash of inspiration from the multi page spiral reverse osmosis technology

In 2014, a chance to contact Luo Xiaoyong ARAB CEO ALEX Chen, another long, hit it off. So, by the Arab and BA China joint venture of membrane manufacturing company -- gallon film soon set up in Shenzhen, Luo Xiaoyong took up the post of company general manager and chief research engineer. In the same year, in Luo strongly under the coordination of the, gallons of Zhejiang University and membrane science laboratory established cooperative relations, and to invite Professor Chen Huanlin served as an adviser to the gallon technology, gallons of membrane science laboratory also in the same period formally established. Subsequently, Xue Guangbo, a number of well-known experts at home and abroad to become a gallon of senior technical consultant.

Before the establishment of the gallon, Luo Xiaoyong has had its own research topics, when he is studying how to improve the water permeability and recovery rate of the problem, but there is no great breakthrough. Because the traditional method in addition to the selection of permeable rate higher diaphragm, increased membrane page width and water turnover frequency, has not found a better way, and these methods are not fundamentally solve the problem is faced.

Luo Xiaoyong made a careful study of the results of Arab company in the membrane component development process, and during this period, several in-depth Ge R & D laboratory study visit, began to feel that in order to fundamentally solve the problem may to think from the structure of the film. Luo and several expert consultants to communicate ideas, you can try to think.

Practice of reverse osmosis technology with multiple pages

In October 2014, the gallon has its own R & D labs. Multi page spiral reverse osmosis technology experiment was officially included in the research, and set up a special research team, headed Luo Xiaoyong, personally guided engineer operation experiment. Experience of up to one year of continuous trials, trial at home and abroad dozens of different types of membrane material contrast, August 2015, laboratory finally developed the first branch indicators basic standards of membrane element, which also marks the pages outer spiral reverse osmosis technology practice finally came to fruition. Next, the laboratory has carried out a number of indicators of the test, in the past two months of follow-up experiments, multi page spiral reverse osmosis technology projects have finally been identified is feasible. It can fundamentally overcome the defects and deficiencies of the existing technology, through the outer spiral technology effectively shorten the length of the water flow passage and reduce pure water collected in the process of resistance, in order to improve water flow rate, increase the water yield. Through the transformation of the center water collecting pipe, the establishment of multiple internal and external support, makes the membrane tube has uniform stress and deformation, can effectively reduce the pressure in the film bag, so that the use effect of the membrane element is more stable, and prolongs the service life of the membrane components.


Technical appraisal and national recognition of the reverse osmosis of multiple pages

In November 2015, ARAB in Kuwait on the multi page spiral technology for technical appraisal, and held a public conference, in the witness of the numerous media, multi page spiral technology has been recognized by the world. At the same time, the formal submission of the various information, in dozens of countries around the world to apply for the protection of the invention patent. China Patent Office has officially issued a document to accept the invention patent application, the patent is expected to soon be down. The invention, which has made up the blank of the industry, has made outstanding contributions to the development and progress of the industry.


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