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Shenzhen: water quality standards for consumer products expected to be introduced in 2016

AddTime:2016-4-28 10:00:29 Author:小膜女

[Gallon: December 11 news] in Shenzhen city net fisheries association under the lead organization, Shenzhen City water purification products consumption quality standards formulated first preparatory meeting will recently in Shenzhen Futian held.

   China Quality Inspection Association Professional Committee of water purification equipment, Shenzhen City Council, Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology, Shenzhen city net Aquaculture Association main unit, City Institute of standards, City Institute of metrology, entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of industrial products testing center, seized the southern (Shenzhen) company, SGS, CQC ranking third party testing organization, and beautiful, Haier, such as Angel water purification device manufacturers and the United States Dow RO membrane (Dow), the United States GE (GE), Shenzhen RO membrane manufacturers gallons of membrane (gallon) etc. membrane material suppliers and RO membrane manufacturers will be invited to jointly participate in the meeting.

   The meeting focused on three issues, one is to establish a joint Municipal Institute of standards and technology, the implementation of the working mechanism in water purification enterprise as the main body, the third party inspection certification bodies and consumers to participate in; two is the city of Shenzhen Water Association standards higher than the national standards and industry standards and market closely related to consumer recognition and actively build the international standard to promote Shenzhen city water industry science and technology quality and service level; three is to implement good consumer quality standards and supervision of enterprises, products through the certification to the consumer after the quality standard, statement of self in the City Council website, Water Association official website, to the public and consumers publicity, promise to abide by the standards. At the same time will determine the standard drafting group leader, deputy head of the unit and the standard drafting group working process schedule.

   With the rapid rise of net aquaculture, the quality and safety of water purifier is also more and more attention in the society. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen has more than 1200 net water companies, each year more than one hundred billion yuan of industrial GDP, has a decisive role in the country. RO membrane as the core component of water purifier, directly determine the quality of the water purifier. Shenzhen gallons of Membrane Technology Co., Ltd as RO membranes, specializing in the production of enterprises, through the establishment of a fully enclosed dust-free workshop, the introduction of the full set of process technology and equipment, strict control of production process, always stick to customers and consumers to provide the best quality of RO membrane products, in the industry won a good reputation and reputation. Has also been quietly practicing the "let the world because of water and beautiful" green oath!


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